Building a beautiful wooden paddle board has never been easier with Vintage Board Co. kits and plans. 

And to help you we have a library of useful tutorials for each step of the building process. 

What is Stitch & Glue paddle board construction?

Stitch & glue is a revolutionary method that is perfect for DIY'ers!

How to mix and apply epoxy fillets

A walk through on making simple and effective epoxy fillets.

Applying fibreglass cloth tape

Fiberglassing over the epoxy fillets spreads the strength of the fillet into the plywood surfaces.

Making a wooden SUP handle

Our wooden SUP handle kits are perfect for builders & paddlers wanting to keep the natural wood look of their board without compromising on functionality or comfort.

Cutting & installing the deck

Gluing the deck correctly is critical to the watertight integrity and strength of the board.

Varnishing your board

Finishing the board with varnish not only preserves it, but it also helps protect it against scratches and stains.

Cutting your own EVA foam deck pad

8 easy to follow steps to cut your own deck pad.

Installing a self-adhesive deck pad

Adding your deck pad is one of the last steps before finishing your board.

Installing deck/leash plugs

Don't want your board to blow away in the wind? Make sure you add a leash plug for your leg rope.