Two mains reason... I have always been fascinated by plywood and the possibilities it presents for marine watercraft and back in 2015 after a trip to Hawaii with my wife and kids I went SUP surfing for the first time and loved it.

Coming back home from the Hawaii trip to Avoca Beach on Australia's east coast I dropped into the local SUP store and after a chat with the guy there bought a demo surf SUP.  The next day, I took the board out in some choppy and windy conditions to find that the I couldn't replicate the experience and joy I felt catching the sweet, sweet waves of Waikiki beach.

The SUP I had ridden in Hawaii was a couple of extra inches beamier and was a good foot longer than the board I had just dropped some serious dough on! I was pretty bummed but persisted with this board for a good 4-5 years, learning along the way what I liked about the board and where I think I could improve on it. I'll circle back to the ongoing the SUP design evolution swirling in my head during this time as another important foundational aspect of Vintage Board Co. is our local waterways.

We live in an area with a near limitless supply of waterways for flat water paddling and exploration. We recently bought our family home on a coastal saltwater lake that offers immediate paddling for either exercise or cruising over it's 170 acres of water plus the small Bareena Island lies entirely within Avoca Lake.

 Looking South across Avoca Lake and Avoca Beach, NSW Australia

Within a 2 hour drive of my house I have bustling Sydney Harbour, the started looking around