What is stitch & glue construction?

If you want the fastest possible build time, then stitch & glue is for you!

The stitch-and-glue method is a simple building technique that creates a strong and light paddle board, without the added of cost and time in building a 

Other wooden paddle boards need frames, bulkheads and complex planking requiring many hours of planing and sanding to get a smooth finish. Plus you need something called rocker table to control the underside curve of the board. None of this is needed for plywood stitch & glue construction.

With the stitch & glue method the computer designed plywood panels are stitched together with copper wire and sealed with epoxy resin, the process eliminates the need for difficult joinery, making it a simpler, faster & lighter construction method. And creates the perfect rocker everytime.

Stitch-and-glue doesn’t require expensive molds, expensive specialist tools or professional boat building skills so it is perfect for DIY builders."
- Aaron de Ruiter, Founder Vintage Board Co.


The process of stitch & glue for building paddle boards...

  1. Align and clamp the hull side panels on top of each other with the outside faces together.

  2. Drill 2mm holes every 150-200mm through both panels along the bottom edge from front to back.

  3. Cut a large handful of thin copper wires approximately 7-10cm long. 

  4. Stitch the transom to the side panels with 3 wires a side.

  5. Stitch the front of the side panels together.

  6. Place the hull sides on top of the hull bottom, drill holes in the bottom panel to match up with the sides.

  7. Stitch the side panels to the bottom panel, starting at the bow and working to the back.

  8. Stitch the frames to the hull bottom and side panels.



  • Move the stitched board to saw horses, it's easier than working on the floor!
  • When all stitched together check the board doesn't have any twist from side to side or from front to back.
  • Once level, tighten the wires all round the board.


Images of the stitch and glue process...



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What is Stitch & Glue construction for paddle boards?
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