Our wooden SUP handle kits are perfect for builders & paddlers wanting to keep the natural wood look of their board without compromising on functionality or comfort.

A quick overview of the handle...

The handle's design allows your fingers to curl up inside the handle... this is by far the most comfortable way to carry your paddle board.

The all wood components look so much better on a classic board than it's plastic counterpart and it weighs less too!

Handle specifics...

  • 110mm long x 97 wide x 60mm deep.
  • Made from 3mm Okoume marine or premium exterior grade plywood.

Our SUP handle kit has all pre-cut parts so building the handle is easy as it uses epoxy fillets to join the pieces together.


Not sure how to make epoxy fillets?

Read the tutorial here... Mixing epoxy and making epoxy fillets


NOTE: remember to seal the handle with 2 coats of unthickened epoxy inside and out.


How to build your wooden SUP handle... 

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What is Stitch & Glue construction for paddle boards?
- Mixing and applying epoxy fillets
- Applying fibreglass tape
- Cutting & installing the deck
- Varnishing your board
- Cutting your own deck pad
- Installing a self adhesive deck pad
- Installing leash plugs