Installing the leash/deck plugs...

  1. Place masking tape over the hole to be drilled, this helps prevents tear out of the plywood and keeps epoxy off the deck when we glue in the leash plugs.

  2. Mark the centre of each leash plug hole using the backing block location information you recorded before installing the deck.

  3. Drill 32mm holes with a holesaw or Forstner bit. I prefer Forstner bits as they cut a cleaner hole.

  4. Test fit your leash plugs in the holes.

  5. Apply thickened epoxy to the holes and insert the leash plugs so they sit flush with the surface of the fore deck.

  6. Remove the tape and clean up any excess epoxy with a clean rag dampened with vinegar.

  7. Let the epoxy cure overnight then run elastic bungee cord through the leash plugs.



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