Many businesses offer A1 printing (at very low cost!) but if you don't have access to an A1 printer or want to use your own printer at home you can use the poster print function on Abobe's free Acrobat reader.

For this how to guide we'll be using the downloadable plans for our Cutwater 12.5 wooden paddle board...

1. Download the free Acrobat reader here, it works on both Mac and Windows computers...


2. Open Acrobat and click on the 3 horizontal lines in the top left corner, select Open.

3. Click on the File you want to open.

4. Click the Print icon at top right.

5. Click Page Setup

6. Choose either Letter or A4 paper. Don't adjust any other settings. Click OK.

7. Select Poster and set scale to 100% with the default 0.005 inch overlap. Click Print.

8. Layout the printed pages in their correct position.

9. Trim the edges so the plans flow from page to page. Use a straight edge and sharp knife for clean cuts.

10. Make sure to leave a tab the sides of the paper to glue them together.

 11. The finished product should look as good as professionally printed plans.

Good job! You've just saved yourself some cash and time by printing your plans at home or work. Now it's time to start building your classic paddle board!



Written by Aaron de Ruiter


Good morning
I am really interested in building your cut water classic with my son, i have built a dory before but think this will be more practical for both of us.
Ideally what type of ply and thickness would you use? Secondly were you are using copper ties can plastic cable ties be substituted?

Matthew Heap on Jun 16, 2024

Hi my friend, I’m Rachid from Morocco, I watch all your video about your SUP, you did a great and clever job, I want to make one, but I want to ask you if your plans for free? thank you for sharing your knwloge

Rachid on May 17, 2023

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