Hand built Cutwater 12.5 Classic Wooden Paddleboard

$2,551.00 USD
Tax included.

Order a hand built Cutwater 12.5 built by myself, Aaron de Ruiter, here in Avoca Beach, Australia.

Feel the joy of cutting through the water on a classic wooden paddle board hand crafted just for you. These boards are not for decoration... they are designed to be excellent paddling boards for a wide range of paddling adventures.

When you order a board you choose the finishing touches; deck pad, varnish, deck rigging, I can even adjust the width and length to suit your paddling. 

Lead time for hand built boards is 8 weeks.

Board info...

Length - 12.5 feet /  381cm

Width - 29 inches  /  73.6cm

Weight - 29.8 lb  /  13.5kg

The Cutwater 12.5 is the perfect combination of visually appealing classic looks, modern lightweight construction and paddling performance. With excellent speed and stability the Cutwater is designed for all paddlers and can be used for touring, fishing, lakes, rivers and coastal paddling in good conditions.

Want something specific? Get in touch with me via email aaron@vintageboardco.com.au.

Cutwater 12.5 construction gallery

I've designed the Cutwater to be easier to build than any other paddle board plans available.

Here's a couple of images of the build process to get you started...