The Wombat is the perfect DIY stand up paddle board

We have made the Wombat extremely easy to build so anyone can build their own board in just a couple of weekends.

Plus the Wombat out performs just about every other stand up paddle board, especially inflatable boards!

DIY wooden paddle boards are our passion

The Wombat is by far the easiest stand up kit to build on the market. No special tools or skills are needed to make an amazing wooden paddle board.

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10.5ft / 320 cm long

32.5 inches / 78.2 cm wide

We've kept the build process simple and the cost low to ensure every kit features just about everything you need to build an amazing looking and performing all rounder wooden SUP. 

Get on the water faster with a pre-cut kit

Our Wombat kit will save you many hours drawing and cutting the computer designed frames, so you can build your board faster, more accurate and lighter than building from plans.

$481.00 USD
Inclusief belasting

See what's in every Wombat kit...

Computer cut frames, pre-cut deck pads, fibreglass tape and more!

Every kit has just about everything you need... in addition to your kit you'll need 2 sheets of plywood and varnish/paint.

Wombat premium wooden paddle board kit inclusions...

17 x pre-cut 3mm plywood frames 

6 x pre-cut 3mm plywood hull side pieces

4 piece pre-cut self-adhesive deck pad

1 x pre-cut wooden fins

butt blocks for joining the hull sides and hull bottom pieces

drain vent/bung

deck rigging kit

4x glue spreaders

4x epoxy filleting tools

mixing sticks

epoxy filleting powder

fibreglass cloth tape

copper wire for stitching hull

cups for mixing epoxy

zip-lock bags for epoxy fillets

rubber gloves

leg leash

carry handle

printed construction manual