Wooden stand up paddle board handle kit

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Don't put a plastic handle in your wooden SUP!

Our in-house designed and pre-cut handle kit is the perfect addition to any wooden paddle board.

The handle's design allows your fingers to curl up inside the handle... this is by far the most comfortable way to carry your paddle board.

Read the instructions here... Making a wooden SUP handle

The all wood components look so much better on a classic board than it's plastic counterpart and it weigh less too!

Handle specifics...

  • 110mm long x 97 wide x 60mm deep.
  • Made from 3mm Okoume marine plywood.

Kit includes:

  • All wooden components
  • Instructions for assembly and installation

Cutwater 12.5 construction gallery

I've designed the Cutwater to be easier to build than any other paddle board plans available.

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