I can't sit still for long so here's the next board in the Vintage Board co. line up...  the Wombat!

The Wombat has been on my digital drawing board since before we launched Vintage Board Co. and was always going to be hot on the heels of the Cutwater SUP. I think the Wombat is going to appeal to even more people than the Cutwater as it's a true all rounder board.

Board specs...

  • Length - 11.3' or 343cm
  • Width - 31.5" or 793mm
  • Thickness - 4 1/2" or 106mm
  • Volume - 290 liters. 33.5lbs (15.2 kg)
  • Maximum combined paddler weight: 136kg
  • Ideal weight less than 100kg
  • Experience level - novice to advanced

What is an All-Round SUP?

An all-rounder gives you the option to SUP in a wide range of conditions as it bring together the features of different types of SUP’s. An all-rounder board means you can use your SUP for different activities such as flat water paddling, surfing and playing with the kids. They’re generally suitable as your first stand up paddle board too.

When looking for the perfect all-round SUP, you want something that has:

  • Enough glide for flat water cruising: length and width
  • Sufficient stability for catching waves: width and volume
  • Good performance when its on a wave: boards shape

Design features...

The Wombat is even easier to build than the Cutwater and doesn't require building a rocker table... just a couple of saw horses and a straight edge to make sure the board is supported properly while being stitched together.

The centre stringer adds excellent stiffness to the board, an essential feature for any decent sup that wants to catch waves. The close spacing of the frames means I could eliminate the longitudinal deck stringers which speeds up the frame cutting process for plans builders and the overall construction for plans and kit builders.

As always I'm building the prototype out of cheap hardware store 3mm plywood which I expect will give me a finished board weight or around 11kg. A Wombat built from Okoume should be just under 10kg!

I'll keep you guys poste for when the plans and kits are ready but it shouldn't take long!


verfasst von Aaron de Ruiter


Hi Aaron

I am so envious of your get up and go. The Navy’s loss: our gain. And can I say that the new board looks amazing – I am still looking for something shorter – say 10’6" which would match what my wife and I currently have (which is ‘just’ manageable). Obviously such a lesser beast is not for really chunky SUPers, but neither Linda nor I are exactly huge. I’m just touching 70kg and she’s (not admitting to an actual weight, but) less. Still looking the right shape to me, I’d say a lot.

Anyway, I don’t know how I missed this when it came in last year, athough we have been in almost perpetual transit for around 6 months. Very interesting. And kudos on the expanding range of physical products. A great idea to help the cashflow, as long as you don’t mind all the trips to the post office or dealing with items that go astray – I did that for more than ten years so I know.

Col Rodrick am April 21, 2023

Hi Aaron congratulations on bringing the Wombat to us.
Once I have finished the Cutwater for my son I will build a Wombat for his partner (soon to become my daughter in law)
I’ll be in touch!

Bryan Gillis am März 21, 2023

Could you send me info on a kit when available? Thank you

David am März 19, 2023

How are you, Aaron , I really like your boards, they are simple but they look wonderful, just for simplicity, and elegant, congratulations

casemiro neves am März 18, 2023

Thanks for the comments… I’ve updated the specs in the blog for max weight / payload etc.

Aaron de Ruiter am September 27, 2022

How many pounds can it support?

Vagner am September 27, 2022

Loving the wombat all rounder SUP. Please include total recommended buoyancy rating. Hopefully 100 kg or less…

Carl Vincent am September 27, 2022

Thats looking and sounding good , will be interesting when the details come

Dave am September 27, 2022

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